The Shotgun Fund

We invest in profitable, private Canadian businesses with exceptional management teams.

  • Our private equity financing for shotgun situations makes us partners with existing shareholders. We will purchase between 1/3 and 2/3 of the equity in a profitable business.

Because shotgun transactions inevitably have tight time frames, our investment criteria are correspondingly tight. We look for profitable, private companies that have:

  • A strong management team that has a significant stake in the company
  • Enterprise Value between $3 and $20 million
  • Sales between $10 and $100 million
  • Cash flow before interest of $1 million

The company should have been running for at least 3 years, and should be able to self-finance growth. We typically invest in the manufacturing, distribution or service sectors, and only invest where Principals in the business are open to having an outside shareholder.

If your firm meets the above criteria and is facing a shotgun situation, we will work hard to structure a relationship that meets the needs of all concerned.

Argosy Partners' Investments

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Argosy Partners Brochure: Private Equity Financing or Bridge Loans from the Shotgun, Succession, and Bridge Funds