The Shotgun Fund

Find out how The Shotgun Fund™ has helped its portfolio companies with private equity financing.

Read up on some of The Shotgun Fund's successful deals below. These case studies highlight the agility, time-sensitivity, and ability of the Shotgun Fund to help partners from mid-market companies, who are facing buy-sell agreements, either pulled by them, or triggered against them, with private equity financing.

The Shotgun Fund has been approached by Judges, Lawyers/Legal Counsel, and Partners who are in the midst of a shotgun clause. Our clientele primarily encompasses Canada and The United States.

Three Amigos Live and Learn.
March 2010

Shotgun Triggers Custody Battle.
March 2007

How An Email Set The Table for The Shotgun Fund™.
November 2004

The Shotgun Fund™ jams one barrel, but gets a bird with the other.
July 2002

Judge delivers shotgun.
June 2001

Our Christmas vacation.
April 2001

Our clients win even when we lose.
December 2000

First transaction a classic.
September 2000

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