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How An Email Set The Table for The Shotgun Fund™

How An Email Set The Table for The Shotgun Fund™

November 2004

We’ve garnered a reputation for our pithy e-mails on done deals. And one of those missives is directly responsible for our newest partner.

Several years ago we got a telephone call from the operator of a successful flatware business inquiring how we got her e-mail address. Rather than wanting to be taken off the list, she thought the stories were interesting and asked to be left on.

We happily obliged and our one-way e-mail relationship continued.

Earlier this year she called again. This time with a different request. Her business had become mired in partner disagreements. The knives were out. Would we be interested in coming to the table?

Rather than let infighting skewer this thriving operation, we agreed to back her when she pulled the shotgun. The Shotgun Fund® bought two thirds of the company and then added a little leverage, which brought her up to 50% ownership.

The business is back on track and continuing to grow. And now whenever we get invited to dinner, we can bring our own cutlery.