The Shotgun Fund

A triggered shotgun clause or buy-sell agreement requires action, fast. The Shotgun Fund™ can respond to private equity financing requests within 3 business days.

  • We’re fast and we’re flexible.

As soon as the trigger has been pulled in a shotgun agreement, we're ready to respond.

Once a shareholder dispute has deteriorated to the stage where one party pulls the trigger on a shotgun clause, time is of the essence. So we've developed a proprietary process that enables us to make the fast investment decisions these situations demand.

We need total cooperation in order to complete our due diligence and negotiations within the time available. It's hard work for everyone involved. But we've proven that the process works — and it's not expensive.

Because the process is proprietary, we cannot go into details here. Simply know that, without exception, we have been able to respond to all requests for private equity financing within 3 business days.

Argosy Partners' Investments

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Argosy Partners Brochure: Private Equity Financing or Bridge Loans from the Shotgun, Succession, and Bridge Funds