who is the Shotgun Fund?

We are a private equity fund that invests in small and medium sized owner-managed businesses.

We start by stepping into the shoes of departing partners, shareholders or other stakeholders.

We have been the first call for solving shareholder disputes in Canada for over 20 years.

How We Add Value As Your Partner

Define strategic priorities to build on strengths and accelerate growth.  

Develop an operational blueprint and actively measure results.

Help develop the depth of your team. 

When We Become Your Partner

We purchase 1/3 to 2/3 of the company shares.

We agree to help you build the business to sell it at some point in the future.

We agree on the Go-Forward Strategy.


getting started

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You call us
We don't waste your time - we qualify the situation on the phone.
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We Meet
We have a meeting, hear your story and determine if it’s a good fit.
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The Next 1-7 Days
If it’s a good fit, we start reviewing due diligence documents.
Purchase agreement
Purchase agreement
If the information is compelling, we go to a purchase agreement while concurrently performing further, intensive due diligence.
Transaction closing
Transaction closing
As soon as the document review is completed, we work towards closing the transaction. This can happen in under 30 days from the first call. 


I started Carego (formerly Steelcare) with a three way partnership. Our planning was often frustrated by our different views of the future. As this partnership was dissolving, I was introduced to Richard at The Shotgun Fund in 2002. The Shotgun Fund offered an attractive alternative to the partnership model I was in, allowing me to run the business more effectively and also giving me quick access to sound strategic advice from a small board of directors. Richard and his partners moved quickly and did what they said they were going to do every step of the way. As patient investors with a long term view to building value, Shotgun Fund’s partners were actively involved with our team in reviewing all the new business initiatives we pursued that were consistent with our evolving strategy. Although like all businesses we faced challenges over the 14 years we were in partnership with The Shotgun Fund, they worked with me and our team to overcome them. As partners we worked together to ultimately sell the business at the right time for a strong return.


Demetrius Tsafaridis,  Founder and Former  CEO, Carego

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I was introduced to The Shotgun Fund 18 years ago while having a “shotgun clause” triggered against me and my family by former partners/shareholders. Richard and his team at The Shotgun Fund responded quickly to that situation by buying out the other shareholders. The Shotgun Fund became my new partner. We created a lot of value together over the last 18 years, culminating in a successful sale of the business in the Fall of 2018. As well as being patient investors, Richard and his partners helped form Logistik’s strategy, supported and structured important new ventures and acquisitions, helped recruit senior managers and board members, and identified new investors. 
Richard was a valuable contributor on the Board for those 18 years, and more importantly, a supportive partner for me and my family and our team, through both good and challenging times. The Shotgun Fund’s support as a long-term oriented partner helped contribute to our growth and success.

Louis Bibeau, President and CEO, and Founder, Logistik Unicorp Inc.

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I first met Richard and Jim in 1999 when I needed assistance on how to work my way through a partnership dispute. The Shotgun Fund moved quickly and decisively, and we had a successful relationship from 2000 to 2017, building a company with a lasting legacy. As partners they had a long-term view on setting strategic plans and priorities, and shared our vision of investing to achieve future growth. The Shotgun Fund was actively involved with the acquisition of our Chinese manufacturing subsidiary, which was a material inflection point for the growth of Etratech. We worked closely with Richard and Larry on building out the management team, and then on the sale of Etratech, achieving a strong result for all shareholders.


Michael Desnoyers, Founder  and Former  CEO of Etratech

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Investment Stories

Read up on some of The Shotgun Fund's past investments that were triggered from a shotgun clause. These stories highlight the agility, speed and ability of The Shotgun Fund®. We help business owners who are facing buy-sell agreements, either pulled by them, or triggered against them, with private equity financing.
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about us

The Shotgun Fund is the first of its kind with a sole focus on solving shareholder disputes, shotgun clauses and buy-sell agreements in Canada for over 20 years.

The Fund was started in 1999 with the idea that parties to a shotgun transaction are usually not equal, with one often requiring a financial partner for success.

The Fund's guiding principle is that it is not a source for financing, but instead, a source for a true partner that helps grow your business for greater success and overall value.

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